Regarde Le Ciel is a premium leather design studio and footwear manufacturer. Our sole purpose is to deliver timeless and quality women leather shoes, in a sustainable manner. Regarde Le Ciel began with a goal to create long-lasting designs with carefully considered details and construction techniques. By this process, products have been refined over time and introduced to our customers and the market as they reach a level of quality.

Naturally, tanned quality leathers, stitching details and fit-ability features are key within any of Regarde Le Ciel's design. Regarde Le Ciel silhouettes are chic and modern; whilst materials are meticulously selected and sourced. As you explore Regarde Le Ciel's range of leather products, you will uncover the design elements which make any of our products unique. Each Regarde Le Ciel design is the result of a meticulous process valuing quality, refinement, comfort and simplicity.

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