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Where to Buy Earth Brands: Sole Desire

Where to Buy Earth Brands: Sole Desire

Where to Buy Earth Brands: Sole Desire

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Earth Brands and Sole Desire. All opinions are my own and completely honest. This post also contains affiliate links, which helps this teacher keep this blog of mine up and running :)

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of heading back up to Sole Desire to do another collaboration with them and my favorite shoe company, Earth Brands (if you didn't catch the first collab, you can read all about it here).

If you don't know already, I've had a long love affair with Earth Brands, and said love affair just gets stronger year after year. There really is no other brand of shoes that I would recommend the way that I do Earth. One look at my IG feed or any of these blog posts can highly attest to that :)

This past visit to Sole Desire, I opted to purchase two fall booties. A second pair of the Kerens and finally a pair of the Intrepids, which I had been eyeing for years!
The Intrepids - so cute! I got the nude color.
Wearing the grey Kerens (I already have a pair of them in the green color - love both!)
I just want to take a moment to talk about how incredibly comfortable Earth shoes are. As a teacher, there are few things as important in shoes than comfort (we all know that though), but it's always an extra bonus when the shoes are stinking cute! Which is why I love Earth so, so much. Their shoes have an exclusive footbed which they call the "Powerpath" footbed that contains a padded heel, arch support, and plush and firm cushioning. And when I say plush and firm cushioning, what I really mean is that it feels like you are walking on pillows.

But no amount of me saying this is going to convince you until you buy a pair and see for yourself! In all of the years I've been touting Earth Brands on my blog and IG feed, there have to be hundreds of teachers who have told me they've purchased a pair because I don't stop talking about them. And I have received thanks again and again from them :) I'm telling you, you need to buy a pair!
This pair was a close third! Looking at the pics now, I kind of want to get these, too!
Now, normally I do all of my shopping online. As a mom to a 15-month old, I really don't have tons of time to go shopping. However, I will say how much of a different experience it is to shop in-store vs. to shop online. There are so many pairs of shoes that just aren't done justice with online pictures. And Sole Desire has one of the largest selections of Earth shoes in store. Which is precisely why I would highly recommend visiting a store to try on a pair of Earth shoes. (And I'm not just saying that, there were so many shoes this last visit that I wavered as to whether or not to purchase online, but in store, it's just a different experience.)

On that same note, I just want to give Sole Desire a huge shoutout for being such a wonderful company. I worked with the same sales rep this visit as I did the last visit, and she could not have been more kind and helpful (thanks, Sally!). Sole Desire has always treated me like family, and I know they do the same for their employees. The fact that it's a family-run company makes me want to shop with them even more. It's all about supporting local businesses, right?!

If you're in the Northern California area, I highly suggest you look online to find one of their many retail stores, so you can try on Earth shoes in person!

The Kerens on the left, and the Intrepids on the right. 
*One other thing I love about Earth? They partnered with, which means that after you buy a pair of shoes, you can register to plant a tree on the Earth website. This environment-loving gal simply can't get enough of this :)

Wearing the Kerens to visit the Discovery Museum in Northern California. 
Wearing the Cosmos in Ginger for our afternoon in Santa Rosa while shopping at Sole Desire. 

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