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What's So Great About Cork?

What's So Great About Cork?

What's so great about cork? We're glad you asked since it's often utilized in so many of the great shoes that we carry from Biza, to Birkenstock and so many other brands that you've come to love. Don't forget cork is probably the stopper to your favorite bottle of vino, am I right?

Did you know cork is incredibly sustainable. In fact, when cork is harvested the trees aren't cut down, instead their bark is carefully stripped away by hand in a skilled trade that's passed down over generations. Cork is at the top of the list among cruelty-free, sustainable, and eco-friendly materials.

It takes between nine and twelve years for the bark to grow back thick enough to be harvested again. In fact, harvesting the cork is actually good for the trees and the environment. After harvest, as the trees begin to grow back their bark, they suck up to five times more carbon from the atmosphere. They do this to fuel the photosynthesis that the regrowth requires. Just one of the many reasons we love cork! 

Let us share with you FOUR reasons why cork should be celebrated!

REASON #1: Cork Is Shock Absorbent 

The great elasticity of cork reduces joint stress and offers a low impact transference to your knees, ankles and shins. Cork and its shock absorption ability, is able to hold the heel and foot in an orthopedically correct position. Walking on cork shoes is not only comfortable underfoot but throughout the entire body. 

(Photo: Biza Shoes Lexi Women's Sandal)

REASON #2: Cork Molds To The Foot

After you begin wearing cork, your feet actually warm up the material and the pressure from your body weight allows the footbed to take the shape of your unique foot, creating a customized fit and offering a high level of comfort. Despite the ability to mold to a certain degree, the material stays firm compared to rubber or artificial insoles, maintaining proper arch support and foot alignment. Like a fine wine, cork just gets better with age.

(Photo: Biza Shoes Truth Women's Sandal)

REASON #3: Cork Is Naturally Antibacterial

Cork is naturally an antibacterial product which means, in basic terms, your feet won't stink! In fact, cork naturally prevents fungus build up, which is great for shoes. Just allow your shoes to dry out, meaning take them off and let them rest for a day or so and you'll be feeling and smelling fresh as a daisy. 

(Photo: Birkenstock Arizona)

REASON #4: Cork Is Sustainable

Circling back to the beginning of the post, we discussed just how amazing cork truly is. Since it's harvested from cork trees, with the material forming just under the upper bark layer, cork trees are harvested after 25 years and every nine to 13 years thereafter. The material can only be stripped between May and August to prevent tree damage. The material is recyclable, in turn used for flooring, insulation and of course, shoes.

Ok pop quiz coming soon, I kid of course, but we hope you enjoyed the little lesson on why cork is such an amazing resource for the footwear industry. 

We invite you to see all our amazing cork sandals and shoes available now in store and online. See you soon shoe fans! :)


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