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4 Reasons We Love Wedges

4 Reasons We Love Wedges

I have to admit, I am a lover of all wedge shoes. I have a closet full of sandal wedges, boot wedges and pretty much everything in between wedges. So let me share the top four reasons why wedges reign supreme in the shoe department. 

1. Wedges evenly distribute your weight and provide stability. 

You have to admit after a long day on your feet wedges help keep a smile on your face and your shoes on your feet. With wedges the weight is evenly distributed throughout the entire shoe so your feet don't get tired and the balls of your foot don't ache. It's almost like you're standing in a flat with either a slight pitch or none at all, which offers a stability and comfort that we all love. The Biza Shoes Isadora wedge sandal also provides memory foam insoles so you get amazing cushion and support throughout. 

2. Wedges add a little style to your wardrobe

Wedges often add a little stylish nudge to any outfit, even basic wedges can make you feel little more put together than most flats can. Don't get me wrong I love my flats but wedges definitely add a little something-something to any look. Plus wedges can easily be dressed up or dressed down, taking you from work to happy hour in no time flat (no pun intended). The Monica by Biza Shoes can easily be dressed up or down, we're loving the two toned braided leather straps.

3.  Wedges add a little height, which is never a bad thing!

Whether your vertically challenged or average in height, most women can agree that a little lift never hurt anyone. Your legs a look a little longer, you feel little leaner and you're ready to paint the town red or drink red wine on the town, either one is perfectly acceptable. The Biza Shoes Monica is as adorable from the back as she is from the front, we're digging her stylish back zipper design. 

4. Wedges help keep your foot and arch supported

With little to no pitch, your feet stay fully connected to the shoe which means less pressure on the ball of your foot and more contact with your arch providing stability and comfort. We all know that dreaded numb feeling you get with high heels and how your arch just begs for a little support, wedges make all of that disappear due to their stylish construction. The Maya sandal by Biza Shoes offers a cork and memory foam injected insole that molds to the foot, offering superior comfort and versatility.  

 If you love wedges like I do, I hope you'll stop by and check out our amazing collection of women's wedge sandals, boots and shoes. Biza sandals are available in store and online so hurry in for the best in comfort, style, selection and service. See you soon!



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